Pacific Oxygen Gas

The underlying purpose of Pacific Oxygen Gas is to distribute Medical and Industrial gas including necessary gears.

POG is partnership with MGCL a Local Gas Production company in distributing Gas that are produce right here in Papua New Guinea.

  • POG is at the upper hand in Affordability (Price), Quality (Purity) and Reliability (Consistency).
  • POG is an 100% PNG own company and is here to stay 

Our Products

We have a wided range of products that we supply to our clients nationwide.


This is a crucial lifeline in healthcare settings, supporting patients with respiratory conditions. It is used in hospitals to aid in various medical procedures and treatments, ensuring a constant and reliable source of pure oxygen for patients in need.


This is an essential component in numerous manufacturing and industrial processes. It’s used for cutting, welding, and as an oxidizer in chemical reactions, playing a vital role in industries such as metal fabrication and chemical manufacturing.


Dissolve Acetylene is a versatile fuel gas widely used for cutting, welding, and brazing metals. Its high flame temperature and precise control make it ideal for various industrial applications.


Pure Argon is an inert gas commonly employed in welding and metal fabrication. It provides an oxygen-free environment, reducing the risk of oxidation and producing clean, high-quality welds.


Argon CO2 mixtures are popular shielding gases for welding. The ratios of 80/20 and 75/25 are tailored to specific welding processes, ensuring better arc stability, reduced spatter, and improved penetration.


It is widely used in industrial applications for purging and blanketing to displace oxygen, preventing combustion and oxidation. It is also utilized in the food industry for packaging (freezing).

Clean. Safe. Environmental.

Our main objective is to lead the way in the field of environmentally-conscious medical and industrial gas distribution and service. We ensure in avoiding any major accidents or incidents that may cause harm to our clients and our surroundings.

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